Coldplay – Parachutes (2000) Review

Coldplay2000 (1)

Back in 2000, Coldplay were the new band on the block, with their second single ‘Yellow’ storming up to no. 4 in the UK chart, soon after, their full album ‘Parachutes’ debuted at No.1 in the UK.

Coldplay’s mainstream success and ability to write universally appealing songs hasn’t changed since they started, however the Coldplay of 2000 is quite a different one to now. We didn’t have the joy (or agony) of watching Chris Martin dance around in a weird hopping fashion, and they would be happy to rock up to a gig in their lazy Sunday clothing, other than their multi-coloured attire of today.

Their music has changed a lot too, you won’t hear any catchy pop hits like ‘Paradise’ or ‘A Sky Full Of Stars’ on Parachutes. There’s more breathing space, with tracks like ‘Trouble’, ‘Spies’ and ‘Everything’s Not Lost’. The space gives an overall sense of melancholy, and leaves room for Jonny Buckland’s guitar parts to shine. Particularly in ’Spies’, helping to give atmosphere and glue the track together.

There’s a Jazz influence on ‘Sparks’ and ‘Everything’s Not Lost’, this is something we haven’t heard prominently on any other Coldplay album, and is a really nice addition, there’s also a Jeff Buckley style vocal performance on ‘Shiver’, and you can hear nods to Radiohead on ‘Spies’ and ‘High Speed’.

The production quality is brilliant on Parachutes, but importantly doesn’t feel overproduced, and still has a raw, organic feel to it. The simple instrumentation helps with that ‘raw’ sound, with predominantly just Bass, Drums, Guitar and Piano.

Many fans have been longing for a Parachutes esq album from Coldplay for way over a decade, I however think it would be a step backwards if they were churn out something similar. We already have a Parachutes, and it’s brilliant. This album marks the start of Coldplay’s reign as one of the biggest bands of the Noughties.

Favourite Song – Trouble

Hidden Gem – Everything’s Not Lost

Rating – 8.5/10


Owned on CD.


7 thoughts on “Coldplay – Parachutes (2000) Review

  1. This is probably my favorite Coldplay album. I still remember hearing Yellow on the radio and thinking it was something special. The next album was really great as well, but down hill after that for me. I still go back to this one a lot.

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  2. Unbelievably, I somehow missed this album entirely when it came out, and it seems to be just about everyone’s favorite. ‘Clocks’ (one of my all-time favorite songs) was the first song of theirs I heard, and I quickly bought ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head,’ which is my favorite Coldplay album.

    I agree their more recent music has gotten more pop-oriented and a bit over-produced, though I still love it all. I thought ‘Ghost Stories’ was also a pretty good album.

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    1. I was only introduced to Coldplay in 2005 ish, so it was amazing to go back and listen to their first two albums.
      I actually only think that their most recent album ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ is a bit over produced. The others are amazing in my opinion, Ghost Stories is subtle and hauntingly beautiful, Mylo Xyloto is a amazing burst of colour, energy, and textures, and don’t even get me started on Viva… Producer Brian Eno really pushed them to make a different sounding album and it certainly paid off, an incredible piece of work.. I think you can probably tell that I’m a Coldplay fan! I’m currently trying to review all of their albums, and it’s hard to put them in order… Thanks for the comment!

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      1. Thanks. I think it is, although people who dislike Coldplay or prefer mostly hip hop or obscure hipster stuff won’t think so LOL. My Top 100 of the 2000’s continues to be one of my most popular posts, so you’ll see it listen on the side panel of my front page. (My Coldplay concert review is my most popular post of all.)


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