Coldplay – X & Y (2005) Review


Coldplays third studio album ‘X&Y’ features huge choruses, bucket loads of electric guitar, and some of my all time favourite Coldplay songs.

In interviews they have expressed that this is their least favourite album they’ve made, without going into detail as to why. Some people think this is where their music started to go downhill, and tend to swear by their first two records whilst dismissing anything else they’ve done. However, lots of fans regard this album as some of Coldplays best work, myself included. Popular tracks include ‘Fix You’, ‘The Hardest Part’, & ‘Speed of Sound’, all incredible songs in my opinion, plus there’s plenty more great tracks that are relatively unknown.

In terms of the instruments and sound of the album, not much has changed since A Rush Of Blood To The Head. They haven’t exactly re-invented themselves, but I don’t really have an issue with that. I would say that Parachutes and AROBTTH have a more raw feel to them, which is perhaps what some fans miss with X&Y. Despite this, tracks like ‘Talk’, ‘Swallowed In The Sea’ and ‘What If’ show their ability to write great songs, and I can see X&Y in my top 3 or 4 Coldplay albums.

The use of organ really works in this album. It’s heard more prominently in ‘Fix You’ and ‘The Hardest Part’, and is used in a way that sits in the mix nicely without it becoming cheesy. The combination of strings and organ in ‘Fix You’ whilst the words ‘Lights will guide you home’ are sung is heart-wrenchingly beautiful, and is definitely a highlight of the album.

One of my favourite tracks ‘Swallowed In The Sea’ is written in a sort of nursery poem style, which oddly works really well. The track builds up from nothing and ends on a huge chorus, with the help of the Martin’s vocals and Johnny Buckland’s impeccable guitar parts, which really help the track come alive. Buckland’s guitar parts deserve a mention on tracks such as ‘Twisted Logic’ and ‘Low’, where his riffs and ability to make the guitar sound huge give brilliant light and shade to the songs.

In my opinion, there isn’t a bad track on X&Y. It’s a well crafted record, and shows their ability to write great songs that relate to millions of people on a personal level.

Favourite Song – Fix You

Hidden Gem – Swallowed In The sea

Rating – 9/10


Owned on CD.


2 thoughts on “Coldplay – X & Y (2005) Review

  1. Great post! Coldplay is one of my all-time favorite bands and I’ve loved most of their music, despite the haters out there. I like this album a lot, though ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head’ remains their best album for me. My favorite track from ‘X&Y’ is actually ‘Talk.’ The synths, bass and guitar work are superb, and the riff in the bridge gives me chills every time.


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